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Financial Consultation

LIAA and ALTUM have announced support programme for medium-sized and large enterprises

February 7, 2022

The Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) and ALTUM have announced support programme for medium-sized and large enterprises for business development projects starting from 10 million euros.

Eligible costs:

• Purchase of new equipment.

• Purchase of buildings, construction (not exceeding 40% of eligible costs).

• Intangible assets.

Aid intensity 30% of eligible costs. The minimum support for one project is 3 million euros, but the maximum – 10 million euros.

Conditions for receiving support:

• The company complies with the status of a medium or large enterprise.

• Projects are carried out in the priority directions of smart specialization.

• The planned project envisages investments to start or expand production.

• Planned project investments are at least 10 million euros.

• The project has not yet started.

The deadline for submission of project applications is April 18, 2022.


On 9 February 2022, FIDEA will hold an online talk, during which participants will be provided with more detailed information on the new program, its conditions, the criteria to be met and the application procedure.

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Our Services

Within 20 years of experience, we have successfully led more than 440 projects, attracting in total 290 million Euro of financing for our clients.


The attraction of financial resources

Our expertise enables us to attract financing for your most ambitious development and research projects. 
We provide a full spectrum of services - from ideation and project application to the completion of the project.


Competence centres

FIDEA experts aim to relieve Competence centres and their respective partners of bureaucracy and enable them to focus on the goal - innovation.



We provide economic research, analysis of industry and sectors, draft and evaluation of political initiatives. Our results enable our clients, respective industry associations, governments and municipalities, ministries and other agencies, to make informative decisions on their own as well as economic development.

Our clients include private businesses, government institutions of all levels (ministries, municipalities, industry associations) and EU institutions.

FIDEA has invested great effort in development of Smart Specialisation Strategy of Latvia. The document forms the basis for the investment of more than 600 Mil Euros in Science, R&D and Innovations for the time period of 2014 to 2020.


Management and Finance consultation

We support our clients in setting

goals, creating a strategy and attracting financing.

Management and finance consulting services include:

  • Strategy Development

  • Company refinancing

  • Profit tax allowance of investment projects

  • Capital investment attraction

  • Credit attraction

  • Project management

  • Technical assistance for feasibility studies of investment projects

Our consultation on management  provides a strategic process plan based on the current situation, facts, agreement of parties involved and resources of our client.


Consultations on government support

We have in-depth knowledge and experience in government support functions for companies, especially businesses involved in R&D.

We have developed guidelines for the calculation and segmentation of R&D. The established guidelines serve as a finance organization tool for research projects.

FIDEA has participated in the establishment of legislation that provide profit tax allowance for businesses involved in R&D investment projects.


Training for policymakers

We support our policymakers by sharing our expertise and experience in aim to raise their capabilities and qualification.

About us

FIDEA is a Finance and Management consulting company.

Since 2002 we provide our clients with growth opportunities and help them develop a strategy for future development. We attract financing in order to set in force their business strategies.

We have combined the expertise and experience from various fields within our company and our network of business partners that allows us to support our clients in putting in motion a wide range of development projects.

We are the development partner for leading businesses, government as well as EU institutions and non-governmental organizations.

We have put a great effort in strategy development of Science, R&D and innovations both in Latvia and Slovenia.

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